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If you run into trouble installing or running PaperScope try following the steps provided on this page.  If you feel you have found a bug then please report it so it can be fixed in a future release.  If you want to make a feature request, or have some general ideas to discuss, please refer to the PaperScope project page on SourceForge (links below).

Installation Troubleshooting

PaperScope does not require any installation work aside from unzipping the downloadable file from SourceForge.  Once the file is unzipped it is ready to run by using the executable PaperScope.jar file provided (by either double clicking on it, or by calling it from the command line).

DO NOT move the 'lib' directory out of the directory containing the PaperScope.jar file.  This will cause the program to stop working.      

Trouble Running PaperScope

The most common problem encountered when trying to run PaperScope is having the wrong version of Java, or an incorrectly configured Java installation.  PaperScope currently requires Java 6 to function, and the JAVA_HOME environment variable must be properly configured.

The three main errors are:

  • Wrong version of Java - If you are running an older version of Java you will get the following error when trying to run PaperScope
        Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/swing/SwingWorker

    If you see this error then update to the latest version of Java and try running PaperScope again (Download Java 6 here).

  • Classpath error - If you do not have the current directory (or the folder containing PaperScope.jar) on your classpath you will see the following error:
        Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:PaperScopeUI

    If you see this error then try adding '.' to your classpath, or add the directory containing PaperScope.jar
    You can also solve this problem by running PaperScope with the following command:
        java -jar -classpath . PaperScope.jar

  • JAVA_HOME not properly configured - If you are getting an error saying that "java" is an unknown command then you have not properly configured the JAVA_HOME environment variable.  Instructions on how to do this are operating system dependant.
    Linux - add the following line to your profile and be sure to source it afterwards (.profile, or .bashrc, etc...):
      export JAVA_HOME=..path/

    Windows - Right click on "My Computer", select "Properties".  Click on the tab labeled "Advanced" and click the "Environment Variables" button.  Click the "New" button under "User variables for..." and enter 'JAVA_HOME' as the variable name, and the complete path to your Java installation as the variable value.  Click the "OK" button.